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Silverleaf nightshade key messages & advice - Part 2

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The Silverleaf Nightshade Team have spoken to hundreds of farmers and advisors thoughtout the past two years collating their tips and tricks learnt from tacking with this persistent weed.

Here are this week's tips and tricks:


1.  The ‘dual action’ approach still has some issues with the re-emergence. Farmers estimate about 90% effectiveness with the second application in preventing re-emergence

2.  The most effective control for seedbank is achieved when the plants are the pre or early flowering stage

3.  Spray the plant at absolutely at its freshest – the best time is usually straight after harvest, following rain

4.  Farmers prefer to spray the early morning or at night before the leaves start to curl.  A curled leaf will reduce the target leaf surface area

5.  Silverleaf nightshade can be controlled but it’s about timing and persistence


This weeks picture is an example of how dense this plant can spread left untreated across a paddock in Victoria.  It almost looks like a summer crop.  At these densities it's easy to see why silverleaf nightshade can cause up to 75% yield loss of pasture and cereal crops.