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New published article on the benefits of the 'Dual Action' approach for effective silverleaf nightshade control

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Congratulations to Dr Hanwen Wu, Rex Stanton and Diedre Lemerle on their informative Silverleaf Nightshade article, just published in this months edition of  Crop Protection (2016), pp. 58-64.

The paper describes results to field experiments conducted at two locations in south-eastern Australia between 2006 and 2008 to examine a range of herbicides for control of S. elaeagnifolium on seed production and root regrowth.

Their research findings have formed the basis of many of the key messages currently promoted to farmers in Australia, such as :

  • Silverleaf nightshade control needs to target seedset (seedbank reduction) and the massive root system (rootbank reduction).
  • Three picloram-based treatments provided the best and most consistent long-term control on root regrowth.
  • A “Dual Action” approach is proposed for effective silverleaf nightshade control.
  • It consists an action at early flowering to achieve 100% seedset control and a late action in autumn to target the roots.

Please click on the attached PDF to read the full article.

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