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Silverleaf nightshade key messages & advice - Part 3

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Silverleaf nightshade key messages & advice - Part 3

The Silverleaf Nightshade Team have spoken to hundreds of farmers and advisors thoughtout the past two years collating their tips and tricks learnt from tackling with this persistent weed.

Here are this week's tips and tricks:


1.  Don’t underestimate the effect of seedling spread: seed will germinate if the soil moisture is good for  more than 5 days.  Seeds are time bombs. 

2.  Small green berries still contain viable seeds – be warned!

3.  Grow summer active grasses suitable to your area to out-compete with SLN

4.  Grazing can be a successful part of controlling SLN if it is done at the correct time.  Stock need to be removed once you start to see SLN flowers.

5. The level of infestation will dictate the most suitable control option and crop rotations.  Read more about this in our Glovebox Guide.


This weeks picture is a common sight found along roadsides and fencelines all over the country.  SLN that has gone to seed is time bomb for all neighbouring properties.  If you can, remove any plants that have gone to seed and dispose of the seed heads.


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