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June 2016

Silverleaf nightshade key messages & advice - Part 3

Silverleaf nightshade key messages & advice - Part 3

The Silverleaf Nightshade Team have spoken to hundreds of farmers and advisors thoughtout the past two years collating their tips and tricks learnt from tackling with this persistent weed.

Here are this week's tips and tricks:


1.  Don’t underestimate the effect of seedling spread: seed will germinate if the soil moisture is good for  more than 5 days.  Seeds are time bombs. 

2.  Small green berries still contain viable seeds – be warned!

National Silverleaf Nightshade on-farm Demonstration Trials

Participatory research is a key component of this program to generate a large and diverse baseline data on farming scenarios, weed pressure and failure across large geographical zones.  This data will be used to refine current silverleaf nightshade best management practices, tailoring the need of different farming enterprises in broader geographic regions across multiple states.

Silverleaf Nightshade Case Study: Bill Twigg - Bears Lagoon, Victoria

Read all about Bill's exeriences with Silverleaf Nightshade on him farm, near Bendigo in Central Victoria.  To view, open the attached file.




**Coming Soon** Silverleaf Nightshade Case Studies

Beginning next week, we will post individual case studies containing key messages and information on how each farmer successfully manages silverleaf nightshade specific to their production system.  Stay tuned!

New published article on the benefits of the 'Dual Action' approach for effective silverleaf nightshade control

Congratulations to Dr Hanwen Wu, Rex Stanton and Diedre Lemerle on their informative Silverleaf Nightshade article, just published in this months edition of  Crop Protection (2016), pp. 58-64.

The paper describes results to field experiments conducted at two locations in south-eastern Australia between 2006 and 2008 to examine a range of herbicides for control of S. elaeagnifolium on seed production and root regrowth.

Their research findings have formed the basis of many of the key messages currently promoted to farmers in Australia, such as :

Media Release: Grassroots action targets worst weed

On  24 May 2016 the NSW Department of Primary Industries released a media release about the project, entitled 'Grassroots action targets worst weed'.

Read it online here.




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